Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Minimize Power Losses In Power Distribution And Transmission Lines

If we ask a person how an electrical item works? He will answer promptly saying that it works with the help of electrical energy or simply, electricity. Have you ever wondered from where does this energy reaches us? Yes, power stations is the answer. Power Stations use an extensive network of cables that constitutes the electricity which is transmitted to our houses. Power generated through these power stations passes through various mediators such as transformers, overhead lines, cables, etc.

Units of electricity that gets generated from the power station gets distributed to the consumers but not at the same amount reason being the loss of some units in the distribution network. This difference in the generated units & the units distributed is termed as transmission and Distribution loss. This loss doesn't get paid for by the users. This loss is categorized into two types: Technical loss & Commercial or non-technical loss.

The technical loss can be caused due to energy degraded in conductors, the equipments used for transmission. The commercial losses are generally caused due to power theft, defective meters, erroneous meter reading, etc. To reduce technical loss first, we can use the cable joining systems that can be incorporated via straight through joints by XLPE to XLPE or PILC to PILC cable. For this, various manufactures supply Cable joints Kits that are specifically used for power loss reduction. We can also use VLSI interconnection system. VLSI generally refers to Very Large Scale Integration process in which various transistors are combined into a single chip. Inaccurate joints are the cause of power loss in both overhead and underground systems. The conduction of cable joints should not be less than the length of the conductor. The cable joints that are used should be able to carry the maximum fault current without getting failed or impaired for the duration required by the preventive system to operate. Many options for Cable jointing systems are available in the industry which are categorized as per their mode of application. To name some, we have Heat shrinkable, taped type, Pre-moulded, Cold Shrink Type Terminations, slip-on & Straight-through joints
Torn Out Cable Joint

The commercial loss can be identified much easily as compared to its elimination. For reducing this kind of loss, we need a friendly relationship between the utilities & the consumers. To avoid commercial power loss, feeder lines & phase distribution lines should be replaced with insulated plastic cables that will combat the Commercial loss from direct hooking. Properly managed prepaid electrical meters should be installed. Consumers would also have to take responsibility and ensure that there may not be any kind of electricity theft or unauthorized use. There is a need for behavioral change of the consumers that can play a key factor in the reduction of power loss. 
Other technical issues which play a advent role in loss of power are use of quality of cable joint .So to minimize the total loss  of power you must use cable joint kit of high quality.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Use Of Heat Shrink Tubing and How To Choose The Best One?

What Is Heat Shrink Tubing? Do you know the essentialness of this item in support? High temperature psychologist tubing is much the same as what its name implies: its tubing that therapists when hotness is utilized. It might be sought a wide run of purposes and could be valuable for doing both making repairs and safeguard upkeep.

Shrinkable tubing could be connected different distinctive techniques. Customary deterrent upkeep provisions incorporate fixing the link, giving extra protection, and assuaging strain.

At the point when this item is connected to connectors or terminals, it can accommodating enhance physical anxiety happened by twisting and flexing. While curving and flexing can hurt protection and even harm the link's conductor, a sheet of shrinkable tubing supports the link hold up effect, especially in links with the easing of inherent strain. In the event that you need some more semi-inflexible, obliging firmer strain easing, testing flex provisions, high temperature psychologist tubing is best.

It gives surplus strain help, as well as give extra protection. The thing has best electrical qualities that makes it ideal for usage with terminations, associations, and circuit board provisions obliging electrical security and extra natural.

Hotness therapist tubing gives a surplus sheet of safe house for the link by executing as a sealer. The item might be orchestrated over joints, associations, substrates, and crevices to ensure them from dust, chemicals and dampness. Tubing forestalls natural risks by giving consumption, oxidation, UV, and scraped spot safety as well.
At long last, the item could be used to make life a little less difficult. It might be incredible to arrange links or just check circuits for basic in ID of link. Shrinkable tubing is available in an expansive range of colors and accompany a changeless printed names, so checking circuits is simple.

Instructions to Pick
There are different areas to think about when picking high temperature psychologist tubing. Past the consistent contemplations of natural dangers, voltage and temperature evaluations, and different requisition necessities included in selecting hotness therapist tubing, link items.

Firstly, measuring necessities crucial to verify that the high temperature psychologist will set safely in its work and requisition the most adequately. The sleeve measurement is most significant in shrinkable tubing. The tubing must be enormous in size in light of the fact that its substantial size is unique state to situated over any unpredictable or immense surfaces, however it must have a last breadth in little size on the grounds that it guarantees that it will therapist to set nearly around those significant parts. That is the place the high temperature shrink degree comes in.

Best Place To Buy The Product:
After that substance, in the event that you are intuition to purchase premium quality hotness psychologist tubing, then Yamuna Power is accessible for you with a wide run and colors of the item. The organization is most prevalent to fabricate and supply high temperature psychologist tubing all far and wide. So pick your best one now.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What are the tools used to connect elbow Joint ?

Are you looking for a perfect connect elbow joint ? Do you know the benefits of connect elbow joint ? It is a insulated and fully-shielded plug-in termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, junctions and switching cabinets equipped with load break bushings. The bushing insert and elbow connector comprises the necessary elements of all cable connections.
The Elbow Connectors 400 & 630 amps, 25 kV-250, Shielded Connector is insulated and shielded termination, rated 250, 400 & 630 amps upto 24 kV. It is useful to connect underground cable ranging from 25 to 400 mm2. Accommodates requirements of DIN 47636 standard. Various companies manufacturers and suppliers Elbow Connectors, made high quality products and items for their valuable esteemed customers. A elbow connector is useful to link 2 parts of pipe together in a line. An elbow allows to make a 90 degree angle with the pipe, and a tee permits to link three pipes at once or branch off with additional lines. Elbow connector have some important tools such as:

 Tools: Dishwasher Elbows – They are useful to link the supply line straight to the dishwasher. Slip Couplings – These can be helpful to set burst copper pipes. The product simply removes the damaged part of pipe up to a max of 2” or 50mm, slide the coupling marked ‘SLIP END’ end point to over the copper as far as it will go. It is helpful to separate clip to slide it turn back the adjoining part of copper making certainty they reach the accurate depth. Ball Valves – Ball valves can shut off the supply of water to whole water systems, components or sections using only one lever. They are also good for controlling water supply when a person has a connection or broken pipe. Just cut down the pipe, open the ball valve port, push it, and then shut down the ball valve. Slip Tees – Female Center Slip Tees and Slip Tees tool for connecting new lines and adding to other items. Flexible Water Heater Connectors (Flex Hose) – These types of connectors are used in commercial and residential applications to connect the cold and hot supply lines to the water heater. The product has amazing flexibility of the braided hose and allows links in tight areas without extra fittings. Fixture Supply & Stop Valves Fittings – These are kinds of finished fittings that link supply lines to appliances and fixtures & allow control of the water supply. These products are available in a chrome trim cap, which can be useful as an easy handy disconnect clip. Now, you have a question in your mind – from where you can get all these tools for your personal or official purposes! No issue - as Yamuna Power is here to sort out your problem. If you are searching superior quality and reasonable elbow connector, then this organization is best for you. It is the pioneer company, which not only manufacturers these products, but also supplies all around the world at very feasible price.
Source : Yamuna Power & Infrastructure ltd

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to overcome electrical issues with polymeric insulators?

Do you know how polymeric insulators are beneficial for electric issues? Are you interested to know about the essential part of polymeric insulators in electrical system? Polymeric insulator plays a key role in the electric power methods such as transmission line, distribution and sub-stations. According to experts, practical knowledge and in-depth study on this important topic is essential for the professionals of electrical field. In some early time, insulators were created with the help of glass and ceramic materials. But in 1963, polymeric insulators were made and its benefits and betterment in design and manufacturing in the current era have made them more useful and helpful to utilities.

This type of insulator has dozens of benefits over the glass and ceramic insulators like great and speed work in contaminated environment, maintenance free, easy handling, light weight, and considerably cheap in price. Due to these positive features it is mounting popularity all across the country and replacing the typical glass & ceramic insulators.

Before taking polymeric insulator you should check its testing, designing, types and selection of high voltage insulators. It compromises a fiberglass core rod, which is completely covered by weather polymer skirts sheds such as rubber, silicone, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), polytetrafluoroethylene and equipped with metal end fittings. It is also known as composite insulators that made of minimum 2 insulating parts – a housing and core equipped with end fittings. Some Important Insulator Types and Following Are The Generally Used Insulator Types: Suspension/Dead-End Insulator – The dead-end insulator vertically helps the line conductor. On the other side, suspension insulator horizontally assists the line conductor. These both are subjected to torsional and tensile loads. Guy Strain Insulator – This type of insulator isolates or insulates the guy wire for higher insulation level, corrosion protection, normal operation or clearances for maintenance, or safety to the public. It is subjected to tortional and tensile loads. Station Post/Line Post Insulator – The Station Post/Line Post Insulator vertically or horizontally helps the line conductor. It is subjected to compressive, cantilever, tensile and loads. Some Insulator Components: Core - It is the inner insulating portion of a composite insulator. The core is fitted to carry the mechanical load. It includes glass fibers positioned in a resin matrix in order to attain maximal tensile strength. End Fitting - It transmits the mechanical loading to the core. End fitting are commonly made of metal. Weather sheds - They are important parts of insulating, projecting from the sheath or housing, fitted to improve the leakage distance so as to give an interrupted route for water drainage. Now, it is clear that polymeric insulators are actually important to sort out electrical problems, but you should use superior quality product. Yamuna Power is the place where you can purchase best quality and various types of polymeric insulators at very lowest price. It is the reputed organization, which has variety of insulator and they supply their products all around the world.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Are The Types Of Cable Joint And Were They Are Used?

Cable Jointing Kits are available in various sizes and material depending on your specific requirements. The most ordinarily used Cable Jointing includes Insulator, which is accessible in several forms. The basic kit has inward and outward conductors, followed by insulation, and it's supposed for indoor or outdoor usage. The other type of cable jointing is just an improved version, with massive waterproofing, and it's supposed for outdoor and underground usage. Both types of Cable Jointing Kits are offered with a messenger wire and highly demanded for grounding applications. Manufactured with the use of superior quality material, these Cable Jointing Kits are examined for dependability under high thermal, electrical and environmental stress before delivering into the market.

Cable Joint Kit
There are plenty of cable jointing kits available in the market, which can be categorized by the way they used like cold application type, taped type, heat shrinkable type and pre-moulded / push-on / slip-on type. The selection for a suitable kind of Cable Jointing is depend upon the site conditions, voltage applications, operating parameters and cable kinds. Mentioned below are some of the points that will help you choose the correct Cable Jointing Kit:

Determine what environment the cable jointing will be set up in. In case there are paramount levels of electromagnetic hindrance, then cable insulator should be applied since it has an additional level of protecting.
Power Cable Joint
Whether you need a cable jointing kit for radio,television,broadcasting or  telecommunication. This will define clearly what type of Cable Insulator to use.
Find a trustworthy enterprise and ask them inquiries that are particular to your individual requirements.
Even though there are different other lower-rated cable jointing kits, use superior quality cable injector with a braided protection since it is the best option for most clients' requirements.
Talk to your cable jointing supplier if you think to utilize the cable for telecommunication. Tough line is very ordinary in radio connection, however may not be consistent with your instrument.

Stated below are some of the tips and warnings that will help you find the best quality cable jointing in the market:
  • Just keep in mind the length you are operating the cable jointing and the environment it will be installed in because these factors may impact on quality later.
  • It's difficult to search local manufacturers who deliver cable jointing, hence make your research online.

You can place your order on Yamuna Power & Infrastructure Ltd (YPIL). It is a company which has a wide range of cable jointing kits. It is the first organization in India to offer a huge spectrum of Cable Jointing Systems for Power Cables.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Why FRP Is A Better Option Then Steel In Cross Arms Transmission?

FRP means Fibre-Reinforced Plastic also Fibre-Reinforced Polymer. It is a composite substance made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. For instance, asbestos, wood, paper, aramid, basalt, carbon and glass. The plastic is generally a vinylester, epoxy, thermosetting, phenol formaldehyde resins and polymer. The substance is mostly used in the automotive, construction, marine, and aerospace industries.
Composite cross arms stand for an environmental and economic friendly option to traditional elements such as wood or steel. Concrete, cast iron and steel have typically been utilized in the construction firms for trench and manhole covers. But a necessity of reducing weight and controlling corrosion for risk-free handling is driving their substitution by composites. On the other side, experts have unveiled that fibre-reinforced plastic is much better then steel in cross arms transmission. 

 A firm with huge infrastructure that is meant to last a quarter time period or more, changes don’t occur overnight when a latest applications come along. Due to this factor you are definitely aware of FRP instead of alternative to conventional cross arm elements like steel or wood. Todays people start using fiber-reinforced plastic cross arms due to the various benefits of FRP.

                                Some Benefits:

Asset Management:   The element takes little time in manufacturing and provides high quality structures in the huge amounts utilities need. It takes as low as three weeks. Contrary, the steel takes more than six months for industry-quality steel for electrical utilization.

Durability:     It is an extremely durable selection in high and warm humidity atmosphere where treated steel damages very easily. The tests clearly signify the advantages of the element and is also proved the viability the element in exhibiting long term durability, bearing structural loads well and resistance to lightning strikes. That is why, most customers prefer to buy fiber-reinforced polymer as compare to steel.

Long Period Performance:   Using new components and elements always raises queries about long period performance. An independent lab has confirmed that the element expected life span is more than 75 years. This is importantly much better than the expected life of galvanized steel, which is about only 30 to 40 years in various urban environments.

These aforementioned are some most important advantages of FRP. This is why most users of the steel are preferring to go for a new technique FRP cross arms. You can buy superior quality element from Yamuna Power &Infrastructure Ltd. They are well-known for manufacturing power cable jointing system and supplying all over the world. 

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