Monday, February 17, 2014

Why FRP Is A Better Option Then Steel In Cross Arms Transmission?

FRP means Fibre-Reinforced Plastic also Fibre-Reinforced Polymer. It is a composite substance made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. For instance, asbestos, wood, paper, aramid, basalt, carbon and glass. The plastic is generally a vinylester, epoxy, thermosetting, phenol formaldehyde resins and polymer. The substance is mostly used in the automotive, construction, marine, and aerospace industries.
Composite cross arms stand for an environmental and economic friendly option to traditional elements such as wood or steel. Concrete, cast iron and steel have typically been utilized in the construction firms for trench and manhole covers. But a necessity of reducing weight and controlling corrosion for risk-free handling is driving their substitution by composites. On the other side, experts have unveiled that fibre-reinforced plastic is much better then steel in cross arms transmission. 

 A firm with huge infrastructure that is meant to last a quarter time period or more, changes don’t occur overnight when a latest applications come along. Due to this factor you are definitely aware of FRP instead of alternative to conventional cross arm elements like steel or wood. Todays people start using fiber-reinforced plastic cross arms due to the various benefits of FRP.

                                Some Benefits:

Asset Management:   The element takes little time in manufacturing and provides high quality structures in the huge amounts utilities need. It takes as low as three weeks. Contrary, the steel takes more than six months for industry-quality steel for electrical utilization.

Durability:     It is an extremely durable selection in high and warm humidity atmosphere where treated steel damages very easily. The tests clearly signify the advantages of the element and is also proved the viability the element in exhibiting long term durability, bearing structural loads well and resistance to lightning strikes. That is why, most customers prefer to buy fiber-reinforced polymer as compare to steel.

Long Period Performance:   Using new components and elements always raises queries about long period performance. An independent lab has confirmed that the element expected life span is more than 75 years. This is importantly much better than the expected life of galvanized steel, which is about only 30 to 40 years in various urban environments.

These aforementioned are some most important advantages of FRP. This is why most users of the steel are preferring to go for a new technique FRP cross arms. You can buy superior quality element from Yamuna Power &Infrastructure Ltd. They are well-known for manufacturing power cable jointing system and supplying all over the world. 

Yamuna Power   is a Leading Company for manufacturing and suppler of cable joint accessories in India.

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